How to Advertise

Advertising in HORSE TRADING is a sage choice if:

  • You hope to reach thousands of potentially interested buyers within the equestrian community
  • You aim to promote anything horsey or equine-related
  • You wish to partner with a popular equestrian magazine that has been the industry staple for more than 21 years
  • You are seeking national exposure, rather than exposure only in Gauteng
  • You want all of this while still getting lots of bang for your buck

Now that you’re sure this is the perfect place to be, advertising in the HORSE TRADING is easy.

Six Simple Steps:

Step 1:  Have a look at our rate card or download it and decide what size advertisement you would like to place.

Step 2:  Decide over how many months you would like the advert to run – remember, the longer you run the ad, the more discount you get…

Step 3:  Ensure that your advert complies with the “artwork specifications” on the rate card. IF you would like us to design your advert for you – just let us know and we will gladly assist at a nominal charge

Step 4:  Make payment. Be sure that you use HORSE TRADINGS new banking details (as per the rate card)

Step 5: Email your advert as well as your Proof of Payment through to us at

Step 6: Sit back and wait for the enquiries to roll in…